The oil that creeps

The application of a scientific principle reduces the surface tensions so that this amazing lubricant solvent creeps into openings as small as a millionth of an inch.

Wherever there is corrosion - due to heat, salt water, chemical reaction or weathering - Kroil will loosen metal joints in a few minutes time, saving labour, equipment and tempers. Kroil dissolves gum, dried grease and oil, removes rust and carbon deposits - without attacking the metal - and provides proper lubrication.

Use Kroil on nuts, bolts, studs, screws, pulleys, shafts, bearings, guns, pipe threads, spindles, valve guides or any corroded threads or tight parts.

Kroil has military specifications for aircraft industry and also nuclear specifications for General Electric.

"We use Kroil in all out production plants and found it is the most effective penetrating fluid on the market." - Agrium

"Kroil freed a seized motor after many other products failed to do so." - Allan W.

"I had an older seed drill that was siezed up because I forgot to clean out the fertilizer one year. A few years later I had the chance to buy some Kroil penetrating oil. Even though the drill was sitting for a few years (siezed) I sprayed the corroded areas with Kroil. A day later I tried to move the shaft and to my amazement it was loose. I am now using the drill again and I use Kroil whenever I have a rusty part that needs to be loosened." - Peter B.

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