Select consumer SFR ProTecta oil and fuel additives products are carried in Canada at Mac's Convenience Stores!

Enviro Plus Lubrication Inc. Extreme Pressure Lubricants . . .
Superior product line of Performance Technologies for a Clean Planet.
  • SFR 100 Petroleum Oil Fortifier, Our Flagship Universal Extreme Pressure Lubricant Fortifier
  • Superior Industrial and Household Lubricating & Penetrating Oils
  • Multi-Purpose Extreme Pressure Grease
  • "The Worlds Toughest Oil" Gas, Diesel & 2 Cycle Motor Oils
  • Gas & Diesel Fuel Additives,
  • Transmission Treatment,
  • "The One Drop Wonder" ProTecta Lubricating Oil "The Best Lubricant Money Can Buy"
  • New...Advanced Synthetic Oil Fortifiers Specifically Formulated for Gas, Diesel, Gear, Hydraulic & Compressor Oil Applications
Outperform Everyone!
With Our PROVEN All-Star Lineup of SFR Green Products.

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